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What Is happening to Beach Volleyball?

The biggest outdoor volleyball events in the country are actually GRASS volleyball tournaments. Pottstown rumble, Waupaca Boatride, Vail king of the mountain, and The Motherlode in Aspen are all basically Grass volleyball events.

Customers come first

When we started our summer tour fifteen years ago i knew very little about grass volleyball. I was just trying to put my product in front of volleyball players. Most the events listed above did have some beach volleyball divisions so i figured it would work out. As time went on and i became involved in the Motherlode event i learned that the grass entries were actually the ENGINE that ran the event. Without all those entry fees there would be no budget to rent parks, buy insurance, pay workers, etc. The Grass divisions were actually the heart and soul of the events. I learned that it is a different game. Its faster, there is more hitting, bigger serves, and shorter people can hit and block effectively! Many of the tournaments also use the old spalding ball and side out scoring. More of a battle! Fun to watch!

The word is synergy

Grass courts fields are plentiful in our nation. Grass courts are easy to put up and can handle a lot of players and divisions. COVID aside, we all seem to want to play in a festival atmosphere with lots of friends and fun. Nothing better than a good volleyball festival weekend! It’s a great thing that there are so many grass/beach events and i hope to see more of them. The grass game is a great transition between indoor and beach. Its brings more people OUTDOOR which we all want. Bigger events, bigger prizes, bigger purses. I vote for BOTH!

Waupaca Boatride Volleyball Tournament - Men's Open Match 2016
The waupaca boatride finals a few years ago

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