For 20+ years, our brand PLASTIC has been promoting the great outdoor volleyball lifestyle. We do it simply and organically; Sponsoring events and athletes we love at those events and selling our gear directly to players and fans at affordable prices. This has always been about spreading the love.

Grassroots Marketing

We market the people and places we love and believe in, and foster a “grassroots” lifestyle because it grows like a seed. Organically. Locally. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. We had to work hard and grow our product. PLASTIC was built around an attitude and lifestyle and as time has moved forward it created a lifestyle for us, too. We began to notice that most of the people at the volleyball tournaments weren’t just volleyball players. They were hikers, runners, bikers, boarders, skiers, climbers… outdoor enthusiasts. And they were loving our products!


While all this was happening the direction and look of our brand began to evolve. And expand. We learned to borrow style ideas from these other activities and sports that we knew so well and fuse them into our own beach athletic designs. It worked! Events grew, the brand grew, and sales grew!


As time as moved on we began to have difficulty working with Google and social media. Search terms with the word PLASTIC we either very expensive or confusing. We needed a name change.

Rebrand Announcement

We are therefore proud to announce the rebranding of PLASTIC to KAMENA OUTDOOR. Every product will have my last name stamped on it as a personal commitment to quality and customer service. We hope you continue to support and enjoy our brand!

See you on the beach,

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