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Matt Olson - Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete
“I’ve been wearing PLASTIC products since I was a kid. They were my first sponsor and I have always liked the fit and feel of their stuff. Quality and making things that last seem to be their priority, and it helps that they are a west coast brand.”

Ryan Mariano - Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete
"PLASTIC was my clothing sponsor for my first few years on the tour, and most of the best players knew about the brand. The product was easily recognizable on the beach and seemed to be on the top regional players when we traveled. Always quality and forward thinking design and fit."

Phuong Luong - Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Rutgers University
“I’ve been buying and wearing PLASTIC gear since I lived in California years ago. They seem to change the styles and fabrics faster than the rest of the companies, and when I order something, it always seems to fit right. PLASTIC gear was first class stuff for beach volleyball when I first started competing in 2007, and that hasn't changed. I remember all the guys I looked up to in the game playing in PLASTIC, and I remember how cool I felt when I got my first pair. PLASTIC is synonymous with the soul of beach volley in a way few other brands have ever been."


Sheri Snow Powers-Club director Moonlight Crashers

"Our team uniforms from PLASTIC are great! Our parents and players love the design, fit and comfort. They are extremely durable and wash really well too. At tournaments, other players and their parents always mention how wonderful our uniforms look on the team. Dave was great to work with and knew exactly what we needed. Thanks tons!"

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