Spreading the Love

For 20+ years, our brand KAMENA OUTDOOR (formerly PLASTIC) has been crafting gear for the outdoor volleyball lifestyle. We do it simply and organically; Sponsoring events and athletes we love at and selling our gear directly to players and fans at affordable prices.

Grassroots Marketing

It’s about the people and places we love and believe in. It’s about fostering a “grassroots” lifestyle because it grows like a seed. Organically. Locally. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. After some years we began to notice that most of our fans weren’t just volleyball players. They were hikers, runners, bikers, boarders, skiers, climbers… outdoor enthusiasts. And they were IN our gear!


While all this was happening the direction and look of our brand began to evolve. And expand. We learned to borrow style ideas from these other activities and sports that we knew so well and fuse them with our beach athletic direction. It worked! All the events we were associated with grew and KAMENA grew!

Our customers are our friends and they are the reason we’re here. If you know us, you know our brand represents something more than a word or a company – It stands for the lifestyle we all love and enjoy.

KAMENA – Aloha Amigo!


photo of Dave

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