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Kamena Outdoor 2021 summer wrap up

  The Chicken is back in the office! What a crazy summer for all of us. things were busy at campgrounds, cities, highways… but that also meant lots more customers and growth. Almost every event on our calendar had a banner year. We are hoping for good things from pro volleyball in 2022- its obvious…

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The best volleyball backpack ever?

Our new volleyball backpack just arrived DIG and VOLLEYBALL mag have reviewed this bag several times and one of them even called it the best volleyball backpack ever. But what goes into building a sweet backpack, and what makes it so special that we can continue selling out of it every year since its first model in 2005? My original…

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Kamena Outdoor Fall Sale

End of summer sale! After a great post COVID rebound and a big time summer we are clearing out the warehouse to make room. Check out the best sellers from the summer below and enjoy 25% off whatever you like! Use code QUART25 at checkout- we look forward to hearing from you!     Get…

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Write up in Canvasrebel.com

Meet Dave Kamena | Brand Architect STORIES & INSIGHTS2 DAYS AGO We recently connected with Dave Kamena and have shared our conversation below. Dave , appreciate you joining us today. What’s the backstory behind how you came up with the idea for your business?Our story started in 1998, just about the time the old-school-short volleyball…

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Custom Volleyball Jerseys

View this email in your browser Club season? Adult nationals? Pickleball club? Mountain biking? These custom volleyball jerseys are quick and great for almost everything! If you know our brand, you know that we limit distribution so we can control quality. We can afford to use the best materials and workmanship because it goes direct…

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These fully customizable beach volleyball jerseys can be made withyour graphic in your colors, in THOUSANDS ofdifferent graphic styles and combinations. Youdesign, or we design for you. Email us to get started!

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