Women’s seamless tie shorts


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Women’s Seamless athletic Shorts

How do I begin with this subject? After twenty years of looking at the same basic design of the standard women’s indoor volleyball shorts, we had to come up with something better. While PLASTIC was busy sharpening the edge of men’s volleyball shorts and other gear, the women were suffering with substandard fabric and a fit that just doesn’t fit everyone or look that flattering. THEN WE HAD AN IDEA- #kamenaseamless

It starts with the fabric

Lululemon revolutionized yoga pants with their thicker, stretchier fabric that simply had more substance. The fabric they first used gave when and where it should, and held things tight at the same time. A good fabric doesn’t bulge, run, fray, and wicks with antimicrobial elements that keep it fresh after hours in the gym. This fabric was always available, lululemon was just the first to convince their customers that it was worth the extra cost. The brand became symbolic with quality yoga pants and grew. But the product still had seams. I had some compression pants that had no seams, but the fabric was too tight to comfortable wear every day. So…

KAMENA has it

I go to fabric shows a few times per year, and found a great manufacturer that was using new technology to weave the fit INTO the fabric. There are looser sections and tighter sections IN THE SAME FABRIC piece. In fact, the fabric is woven specially for the shorts we created, each time. Its not a flat piece of fabric, but a 3D form fitting pair of performance Spandex volleyball shorts. There are no seams. Its called #kamenaseamless


Since the fabric for the shorts was created custom for that pattern, we were able to weave them into the shape, thereby eliminating cutting the fabric into pieces and putting it back together with seams, the way it’s usually done. Seams don’t stretch. They run. They are the weak part of every clothing piece.

Spandex volleyball shorts for the future, available now. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true… and I believe it. Try them out and tell me I’m not right!

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