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Kamena Outdoor Fall Sale

End of summer sale!

After a great post COVID rebound and a big time summer we are clearing out the warehouse to make room. Check out the best sellers from the summer below and enjoy 25% off whatever you like! Use code QUART25 at checkout- we look forward to hearing from you!    
Get a taste of summer 2022 while its still left… Above we see our beloved PLASTIC chicken in the midst of an attack from a shark and a strange type of bear. If you know our brand then you know why this makes sense. Well… maybe it doesn’t make any sense but our 2022 line pretty much sold out so check out what we have left. Get it now !

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Use discount code QUART25 for 25% off good till october 9th (Sunday) there are some other super specials hidden in the site too- check out the half priced A pants!   Share Share Forward Forward   Facebook Instagram Website          

Men’s Product of the month-  Our 2022 Este tank is ready to go. Always a best seller with a butter soft wicking finish and a perfect fit. Get your size and color before they are gone see them HERE    

Women’s product of the month- Seamless Leggings The Womens side of KAMENA is all about top level materials. These leggings stand against any high end brand- true seamless compression fit. Buy a few and match your team this summer. Check them out here       Copyright © 2022 KAMENA OUTDOOR, All rights reserved.
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