KAMENA OUTDOOR - it's the lifestyle.


For over twenty years our brand PLASTIC has been spreading the word about the great outdoor volleyball lifestyle. We do it organically by going to the events we like, sponsoring them, selling our gear direct at great prices, and sponsoring the athletes that do well in those events, while they are doing well.

Grassroots marketing

This kind of ‘organic’ marketing occurs through and in the people and places we believe in. It’s also called grassroots marketing because it grows like a seed. It certainly didn’t happen overnight- as I mentioned we have been doing this for over twenty years. It hasn’t been a slog though… we like what we do so it’s been fun. Growth could happen, or not. The brand was built around a lifestyle and as time went on it created a lifestyle. We began to notice that most of the people at the volleyball events weren’t just volleyball players. They were campers, hikers, runners, cyclists, backcountry skiers, SUPers, slackliners, the list goes on and on of the cool things that these fun athletic people did. We learned new skills and hobbies at these events, and borrowed ideas for new products to add to our collection.


We were creating and recreating styles, fabric, and fit for the people who loved our brand. Over time the direction and look of the brand began to shift. Where the first ideas were about volleyball, newer ideas were about the lifestyle that we had gradually found ourselves living. The new pants weren’t just for volleyball, they were for wearing in the morning when it was cool and stuffing in your pack to use later on that evening. The brand began to look a bit different, but it was still for the same group of people. A group that we had identified by mistake- by hanging out with them at these random active beach lifestyle events that we went to. Outdoor concerts even fit the bill… it was the same group that loved those too. The most fit girl on that big guys back was invariably a volleyball player, and so was he. Events grew, sales grew, and the brand grew.


Our brand has a new name and a new logo. It’s got the same basic idea, and it’s made for the same basic person. It’s easier to explain what we do with that new name (Kamena), and it’s a little more user friendly. Whether you are one of our customers or just found yourself reading our story we welcome you to try any of our products risk free- return anything you don’t like no questions asked. It’s the same policy we’ve had since we sold our first boardshorts to our friends!

See you on the beach!

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