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Got Volleyball Jerseys?

Its getting to be GO time for volleyball club season. You are reading this so you probably know PLASTIC CLOTHING as a brand that has been doing great gear for over 20 years. During that time we dabbled in the indoor jersey game and made some clubs happy (they are still with us) but never really threw our full attention to letting people know what we can do until now! We have custom sublimated jerseys in unlimited colors with names, numbers, logos, and guaranteed on time delivery. We even have references! How do we do it, when not even Nike and asics can do it?? (much less an inexperienced brand operating in a garage…)

Greedy business tactics

Our recipe is simple. We don’t take more business than we can handle. All teams need their jerseys at around the same time so its impossible to do a good job when you have a sales department promising the world with a production team that cant keep up. Its simple math. Yes, its tough to turn down business but in this game you need to know what you are capable of shipping on time, and do it every time. Late jerseys are a mess!

Our high end Jersey

The Long sleeve jersey pictured below is endlessly cutomizable. Made out of a super stretchy wicking material, we can match custom colors to your old jerseys and add logos to the sleeves, chest, and it comes complete with the player name, number, the works! Available in both girls and womens sizes. Priced to blow away the competition at $54 with a 7 day working time we expect to reach our capacity quickly so contact us to reserve your spot!

On a budget?

We have an economical option for those on a budget. The jersey below comes in a simple crewneck silhouette with performance wicking material in womens and girls sizes. There are limited custom logo options and we can match most colors. Player name, number, club name… the works. $26 with a 4 day production time. You heard right! We expect to reach our capacity quickly so contact us to reserve your spot!

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