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Exciting news- we have invested in Seamless garment production!

Seamless means no sewing, no seams, and no stitches. Its new, its kind of expensive, and it’s, like, the future!

Imagine the fit of a traditional tee — for a perfectly flattering cut the seams must align with your shoulders, the side stitches with your waist, and everything should hang off your corners like a perfect hangar… except we all know that’s rarely how it works. Our bodies are different so its tough to find things that fit perfectly, until now.

We decided to invest in the Seamless movement because:

  • the manufacturing process allows a customizable level of compression. Beach Volleyball calls for a medium level of compression because your body has to move quickly and freely, These styles will hold you in while allowing freedom of movement.
  • Wicking patterns and components can be woven in where you need them. We Can weave a wicking mesh under the arms and on the lower back while adding a different smoother silkier feel on top of the arms and the front and upper back.
  • This process is a part of our ongoing global commitment to minimize waste and reduce excess materials. Using exactly the required amount of yarn to knit a product, this technology allows KAMENA to manufacture while drastically reducing volume of surplus material. Good news for sustainability, which is good news for tomorrow.
  • Size Range– Because we designed these pieces to fit three dimensionally, there are fewer sizes necessary. Since the fit expands and contracts its much easier to get the right size. The ‘tight’ or loose areas don’t exist.

Using specialist equipment designed in Japan, out tops and bottoms are designed and produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece. The intelligent machinery we use offers much more precise control than weaving traditionally, allowing the fit to be tighter and looser in different parts of the garment. Try one of our specialty pieces with a money back guarantee!

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