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Our 2020 tagline is largely based on what has happened with COVID over the past few months. The last group activity I did before the lockdown was a mountain bike race. I met a young racer with that slogan on his shirt, I don’t remember the brand of the tee but i do remember that short muscular little dude that crossed the finish line just ahead of me. Over the next few weeks and months the slogan stuck in my mind.

Whats so important about a Tee shirt?

I am assuming you know my brands PLASTIC and KAMENA, or might have bought an event tee from us (we have done all kinds of stuff from coachella to bonnaroo to seasidevolleyball to waupaca boatride the list goes on…). You know that the brand is all about details. I’m picky about stuff that i buy- I want it to fit PERFECT and to last. Even a tee shirt is an important decision. Its because of that attention to detail that we have been able to build our brand. We constantly update the fit and fabric of our tees. This years tee has a slightly longer sleeve and fits a tiny bit looser in the chest. its a little longer. details!

How about that little guy that beat you?

Back to our slogan. The ‘sound mind sound body’ really stuck with me. I was taught at an early age how important exercise and fitness are. The greatest thinkers through time have agreed that A body will function better with a sound mind. And a mind will function better with a sound body. While trapped in my home office wasting time on social media, it became apparent to me that my group of friends all believed in that principal. Outdoor athletes the world over were not only staying fit but were looking to exceed their level of fitness. This group of Beach and outdoor athletes were going to come out of the COVID experience stronger. Better. Not only survive, but thrive!

Moving on…

I had to put the #soundmindsoundbody solgan on the ever important KAMENA corp tee. It embodies this time in history so effectively for our group, our demographic. Even if you dont know or care about my brand, it is an inspiring message.

Hope to see you on tour this summer!

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