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Kamena Outdoor 2021 summer wrap up

  The Chicken is back in the office! What a crazy summer for all of us. things were busy at campgrounds, cities, highways… but that also meant lots more customers and growth. Almost every event on our calendar had a banner year. We are hoping for good things from pro volleyball in 2022- its obvious…

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How do you pick your workout clothes?

By Guest writer Sara Laverty sarasadventures.com What’s the most important thing you look for when you shop for workout clothes or active wear? Is it the fabric, the style, the color or the brand? Do you always purchase the same brands or purchase products that come recommended by friends or influencers? The U.S. athletic apparel…

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For over 20 years our clothing and accessory brand KAMENA (formerly PLASTIC you can still call me that if you want) has been giving back to our market base by sponsoring the events and athletes that buy and use our gear. It’s all wrapped up in the BUY LOCAL idea. We have always followed the…

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We specialize in beach club volleyball!

By Dave Kamena | October 9, 2019 Its getting to be GO time for beach club volleyball season. Amid lots of uncertainty we as a volleyball community are trying to provide a season for our kids- which is why we have created a 5 and 10 DAY TURNAROUND for custom sublimated jerseys (including your logo, number, name, sponsor…

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