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For over 20 years our clothing and accessory brand KAMENA (formerly PLASTIC you can still call me that if you want) has been giving back to our market base by sponsoring the events and athletes that buy and use our gear. It’s all wrapped up in the BUY LOCAL idea. We have always followed the…

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We specialize in beach club volleyball!

By Dave Kamena | October 9, 2019 Its getting to be GO time for beach club volleyball season. Amid lots of uncertainty we as a volleyball community are trying to provide a season for our kids- which is why we have created a 5 and 10 DAY TURNAROUND for custom sublimated jerseys (including your logo, number, name, sponsor…

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February product of the month

We are proud to introduce our Women’s seamless tie shorts. This was our first successful attempt using this proprietary advanced knitting process that allows different stretch and breathability to be woven into the fabric. That means a 3-D fit with a long lasting super-silky feeling fabric! See the close up below: The idea behind these…

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What Is happening to Beach Volleyball?

The biggest outdoor volleyball events in the country are actually GRASS volleyball tournaments. Pottstown rumble, Waupaca Boatride, Vail king of the mountain, and The Motherlode in Aspen are all basically Grass volleyball events. Customers come first When we started our summer tour fifteen years ago i knew very little about grass volleyball. I was just…

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