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The #kamenacamocap is more than just a cap. It’s a way to support your favorite sport.

The #kamenacamocap, You’ve seen it on top players around the country. Your mom wants one. The PLASTIC chicken throws them out to the crowd. In its first year of production, the #kamenacamocap is our way of giving back to the sport that has given our brand so much over the years.

As all the ‘old school’ players know, fun players and fans are what make the sport. Its not the sponsors, or the prizes, or the money- it’s the people. From the organizers down to the guys that set up the nets, its the people that make the sport fun, attractive, and something everyone wants to be a part of.

The reward

We will be donating some of these #kamenacamocap caps to the players and fans around the country having the most fun during our summer tour

The idea is to reward fun people at the grass roots events we sponsor. PLASTIC believes in the growth of the sport, and more importantly the lifestyle of outdoor volleyball, which is why we concentrate our efforts on and AT the events that exemplify what we as a outdoor volleyball community. We show our support directly TO the people that are making the difference WHEN they are doing it, and you know who you are. Now, everyone will know who you are. Earn it- we will be looking for you! #kamenacamocap

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