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Why would we cancel the Motherlode Volleyball Tournament?

There was never a doubt in my mind that we would be coming to Aspen for the Iconic labor day tournament. I did have my doubts about how big the event would be but I knew that after that many months things should be calming down with the virus. I was wrong… kind of.

Fifty people per gathering

Since May the county had been limiting a gathering to 50 people per event. It was not clear if that meant per FIELD, or per site… and the city and county were not completely sure either. We were going ahead with our plan of a 24 team tournament per day, and working through about 200 players. We would help the town fill up rooms and restaurants. Our lodging partners were mostly in, and many of my local Aspen friends were getting fired up for at least one summer event. We would be the one and only.  I told my volleyball buddies to get registered as we would fill up. We filled up!

Ten people per gathering

Last week the county changed the rule to no more than 10 people per gathering in reaction to some more cases of Covid (apparently from the July 4th weekend). The guys and I got on a phone call and voted unanimously to cancel the event. We were guessing there would be issues with the county, city, neighbors, maybe all three. We could not depend on a last minute rule change, and a five team tournament isn’t appealing to anyone. There was no alternative.

I’ll be there

My Aspen plans haven’t changed. I’ll have a little less money to spend due to all the cancelled summer events but we still plan on coming to one of my favorite little towns to play some volleyball, climb some mountains, and catch some fish!

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