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February product of the month

We are proud to introduce our Women’s seamless tie shorts. This was our first successful attempt using this proprietary advanced knitting process that allows different stretch and breathability to be woven into the fabric. That means a 3-D fit with a long lasting super-silky feeling fabric! See the close up below:

super comfy

The idea behind these shorts was to create the perfect workout/stretch/yoga bottom. With 20+ years of design and production experience behind us, i wasn’t interested in doing another lululemon knock-off. I wanted these to stand alone in the women’s workout short category (which is a tall order!)

If you know our brand, you know that we don’t sell lots of stuff through chains. We sell direct only, to control our distribution, thereby controlling our costs and quality. We can afford to use the best materials and workmanship because it goes direct to you. Its a simpler way to do business that has a lot to do with ‘buying local’ from a brand that supports the events that you go to. We sponsor athletes and events all year long in an effort to promote the things we value- and the things that YOU value.

Give these Women’s seamless tie shorts a try for half price… for you, a friend, or as a gift. Order quick This deal ends February 10th!


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